Tetsubin Repair

Valuable old tetsubin tetsubin made by Kibundo, Ryubundo, and others that remind us of the times. Some of these valuable tetsubin can still be used to boil water, while others leak and are unusable. We repair these unusable tetsubin with defects so that they can be used again.

The following are the most frequently asked questions about old tetsubin
・The bottom of the tetsubin has a hole and leaks.
・The spout of an iron kettle is missing.
・The spout of an iron kettle is blocked by rust and water is difficult to pour out.
・There is a lot of rust on the inside of the iron kettle.
・The strings of the handle are loose. The strings are falling over.

After repair, please understand and take note of the following
・The condition will not be restored to that of a new one.
・fter repair, please use charcoal on a distant fire, or use an electric heater on a small or medium level. Please refrain from using the high level.
・Do not use induction heaters after repair. It may cause water leakage again.
Reason: Induction heaters tend to heat only the bottom of the tetsubin, and the temperature difference between the hot and the not-hot portions causes distortion of the iron. This causes water to leak again from the repaired area.