Repair of the tetsubin has been completed.

A customer requested repair of a leaky tetsubin.

There was a water leak near the center of the bottom of the iron kettle.
When we received the repair order from overseas and inspected it, we found that there was indeed water leakage from the bottom of the tetsubin.

this time, we determined that this tetsubin could be repaired by using a partial welding technique.

Repairs have been completed, and the appearance is almost the same as before.

We welded a leaking section on the bottom of an iron kettle.

After we completed our repairs we turned on the water and inspected the unit to make sure there were no leaks.

Some tetsubin are in repairable condition and some are not.
We cannot always determine if a tetsubin is repairable or not from photographs, so please see the photographs first, and finally send us the actual tetsubin for a final estimate.